Shkelzen Maliqi: Kurti has lowered ambitions and changed his words News

Kosovo publicist, Shkelzen Maliqi, said today that the visit of Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti to Albania has shown that recent speculations about his relations with the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, had no basis.

“Media is promoting a confrontation that doesn’t exist. There may be disagreements – such as the Mini Schengen, that frozen the relationship, but they should remain brotherly and as close as possible,“ he stressed.

“They [Kurti and Rama] need to be friends and partners, even though they represent two separate states – not to mention the word brothers,” Maliqi said for TV Klan Kosova’s Info Magazine.

“They have same views and intentions for some issues, but there may be differences as well. The main purpose, not just for them but for Kosovo and Albania as well is to get factored together. Only together we can become one of the main factors for regional stability, now and in the future,” he added.

Maliqi also said that Kurti became more pragmatic politician since he took the Office of the Prime Minister.

“It seems that he dropped his ambitions and his words have changed. Some decisions he took, as the one engaging Macedonian Albanian, Blerim Reka in his government, looks Rama-like policy, when he engaged Mr. Cakaj and other deputy ministers from Kosovo in his government,” Maliqi concluded.

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