Qerim Kelmendi, who is found burned in Peja, was often mentioned for the post-war killings

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Former KLA fighter, Qerim Kelmendi, is found burnt in his car, in the midnight between 26 and 27 February.

His name has been often mentioned in recent years for the postwar killings.

Shkumbin Mehmeti, a protected witness of the Special Prosecution, in one of his confessions has accused brothers Qerim and Ibrahim Kelmendi for organizing of many post-war killings in Kosovo.

Mehmeti, who said that he was a member of a group of organized killers, along with Kelmendi brothers, said that Kelmendi had ordered the killing of the deputies of the LDK, Smajl Hajdaraj and Tahir Zemaj.

He also said that Kelmendi had tasked Florim Ejupi to kill the PDK deputy, Xhavit Haliti, but the plan to kill him had been stalled.

Following Mehmeti’s accusations, both Kelmendi brothers reacted. Qerimi, who was killed last night, called his allegations “a telenovele.”

“It’s a telenovele that has been shown for over 10 years! Its seem like he has discovered a steam machine!”, Qerim Kelmendi wrote on his Facebook account, while commenting on Mehmeti’s allegations.

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