Osmani: The LDK will not require signatures of Lista Srpska for overthrowing the government

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It seems that the LDK will not seek signatures of Lista Srpska to overthrow the government, nor will they interfere with the will of the deputies in terms of supporting the motion, regardless of the ethnicity or parliamentary group they belong to.

According to Vjosa Osmani, deputy of the LDK, they will reconfirm 58 signatures already collected, although she says that these are just the opposition votes and that the rest of votes needed collapsing the government are being sought from the deputies that are part of the ruling coalition.

“We will not ask for signatures of Lista Srpska but, just to make it clear when entering the Assembly and putting the motion in the vote, we can’t control the vote of each deputy and we will not interfere to their will, regardless of their ethnicity, in relation to the motion we’re proposing …

Our targets, in a positive sense, are deputies of ruling parties who disagree with the way Kosovo is being governed. If they are serious about remarks they made, maybe three of four of them will not hesitate to give their signatures, in order for us to make 61,” Osmani says.

Yet, Osmani also said that all those who today complain about Lista Srpska vote were part of the motion against the LDK government, in 2017.

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