Mustafa says that for them and VV remains unclear what to do with reciprocity News

Leader of the LDK, Isa Mustafa, thinks that the tariff should be dropped in coordination with the international partner, although according to him the reciprocity measures should not be imposed without consultations with the U.S., Periskopi reports.

 In a post on Facebook, Mustafa also wrote that, even though Vetevendosje was in favor of reciprocity against Serbia its leadership remains undecided what will be their next step.

 “The U.S. and EU are urging us to start a new process of dialogue on the Final Agreement with Serbia. And, as main condition of this they asked to urgently drop the tariff on goods coming from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the Governance Program, harmonized with Vetevendosje, our orientation was to drop the tariff and to implement reciprocal measures with Serbia, although modalities of reciprocity and steps for its application were not defined.

For real-politic situation it’s essential to maintain and cultivate partnerships with the U.S., and to appreciate its leading role in the process. I’m convinced that only the U.S. can conclude the Final Agreement with Serbia. Moreover, President Trump’s special envoy, Richard Grenell, said that the U.S. didn’t foresee an exchange of territories for this. This claim makes the tariff an unimportant instrument for preventing the dialogue about the territory.

Furthermore, we need to also appreciate the role of the EU in this process, as well as that of its High Representative, Mr. Borrell. For as much as it’s right to expect  that Kosovo citizens will be treated by the EU as the European citizens for whom the barriers to free movement through visa liberalization will be removed, as a result of this process. The EU and certain states must remove prejudice about Kosovo, as its isolation represents an extreme EU tariff on Kosovo’s citizens.

At present, it’s clear that the process of dialogue has the dynamics and power provided by the United States and by the powerful personality of Ambassador Grenell.

In my opinion, Kosovo need to use this situation and to conclude the dialogue with Serbia. The U.S. was the leader of Kosovo’s independence. The U.S. can be an effective leader for ending the problems we have with Serbia and of a policy for Kosovo’s economic revival.

In short, no tariff or reciprocity can be measured with the weight of partnership we have with the U.S. nor with the EU.

For these reasons, I consider that:

Kosovo should drop the tariff, in good faith with the U.S. and EU;

Kosovo must inform our partners about all economic, trade and political obstacles that Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina must remove in the coming period, so that mutual barriers become zero;

EU countries should lift “isolation fee” for Kosovo citizens

If Serbia, at the time we coordinate with our partners, does not avoid obstacles, then Kosovo should activate reciprocity measures.

The result we should aim for is mutual recognition, which will ultimately solve problems of economic and trade cooperation with Serbia and create safe and positive environment for foreign investment, employment and economic prosperity.

I consider that working closely with VV, as coalition partners, is helping us to jointly responsibilities in managing the process, by thus becoming the government that solves issues on time.

The opposition has always called for a strong U.S. role and for EU efficiency. Both are on the horizon.

It’s worth being together and make solution for Kosovo!” Mustafa wrote.

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