Milaim Zeka: The EU is trying to estrange Kosovo relations with the U.S. News

Following the situation created yesterday, when Prime Minister Kurti decided to partially drop the tariff on Serbian products, former deputy of the Kosovo Assembly, Milaim Zeka says that the EU is obviously aiming to estrange a bit Kosovo’s relations with the U.S.

Zeka made this comment on his Facebook account, as a reference to the EU statement published today, though which it supported Kurti’s decision on the tariff, even though this move was last night diametrically opposed by President Trump’s special envoy for the Dialogue, Richard Grenell.

“Concerning Kosovo, with the exception of Germany, Austria and England, the rest of Europe has historically either had neutral stance or was supporting Serbia.

On the other hand, the U.S. has always been on our side (except when we’ve crossed all lines.) The statement of the Brussels spokesman’, according to which it allegedly “welcomes Kurti’s decision to partially drop the tariff” has two purposes: 1.To put Kurti within a dead-end road.  2. To estrange relations between Kosovo and the U.S.

One must be an  idiot with three diplomas in order to believe what the Brussels official says. If the Brussesl loves us so much they will not have locked us into quarantine for 20 years, as we all had coronavirus.

The government should have any dilemmas in listening the U.S., Germany, the UK, and all those who supports us…”, Zeka wrote.

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