Marko Jaksic thinks that Vucic’s policy for Kosovo has capitulated News

Marko Jaksic, from the Serbian People Movement for Kosovo and Metohija “Otadzbina” ( The Homeland) and a member of the Alliance for KiM (Kosovo and Metohija) told the Belgrade daily “Danas” that yesterday’s action in northern Kosovo, especially in Zubin Potok, represents  direct capitulation of national and state policy led by President Aleksandar Vucic.

“By signing Brussels agreements, Vucic has depraved protection of the northern Kosovo, by surrendering the police and the territorial defense to Pristina. He thus restricted the right of Serbs for self-defense, while he is not in the position to defend them himself, although he had for 77th times raised military preparedness of Serbian Army and called for a meeting of the Security Council, which works according to the principle of ‘broken straw,’” Jaksic says.

He thinks that during next couple of days anybody will see whether the ROSU (reference for the Special Police Unit) action was just an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

Jaksic doesn’t rule out the possibility that yesterday’s events can serve as a pretext to Vucic for signing of the binding legal agreement with Pristina.

“However, action was Pristina’s demonstration of force  in the northern of Kosovo, against which Vucic can’t do anything even if he wants, as he brought  in a number of criminals  in order to finish all the dirty work for him,” Jaksic concluded.

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