Kurti’s deputy threatens Kurti

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Kosovo’s Deputy Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti says that the tariff represents a pseudo-political issue that leads the country into ghettoization.

According to Hoti, the LDK “will not allow ghettoization of Kosovo, as this gives space to Serbia for undermining our international position.”

Mr. Hoti’s announcement follows the statement of Prime Minister Kurti given on Tuesday, when he reiterated that “the rciprocity measures will be implemented against Serbia.”

“Serbia’s commitment for de-factorization of Kosovo’s subjectivity is systematic, and indicates that it opposes the normalization agreement. This is nothing new.

New is the political context in Kosovo, as new institutions that have full citizen legitimacy now took over the agenda of the dialogue and the foreign policy.

It’s clear that this new government agenda can only succeed if coordinated with the U.S. and the EU.

The eventual paralyzing of new Kosovo institutions on these topics, due to pseudo-political causes, such as tariffs, leads to ghettoization.

We will not allow Kosovo’s ghettoization, as it will leave space to Serbia for undermining our international position,” Hoti wrote on his Facebook page.

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