Kurti seems a bit closer to the ‘Mini-Schengen’

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Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, is attending the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Summit on Investments in the Western Balkans, which takes place in London.

In an interview Kurti disclosed objectives of his government, and added that fighting against corruption will be priority.

“We will focus on law enforcement, in order to fight corruption and guarantee investments, and on the other hand we will link labor market with adequate education. To achieve all this we need good infrastructure, especially railway transport, in which the EBRD can greatly assist us, and the regional roads for better connection, both domestically and with our neighbors. We have quite educated youth, in technological aspect, and we need right investments. Also, we need foreign investments in order to achieve economic growth,” Kurti stressed.

According to Kosovo Prime Minister, the EBRD assistance is needed for rehabilitation of road and rail transport.

“We will in this regard focus on connecting Prizren with Tetovo, as well as on rehabilitation of railway transport from south to north, starting from Hani Elezit border-crossing with Northern Macedonia, towards Leshak, on the border with Serbia. This Summit was a good chance for discussing with the heads of other countries,” Kurti explained, and added that the diaspora investments would help Kosovo.

“We have a numerous diaspora, and their investments can help Kosovo tremendously,” Kurti said at the EBRD summit.

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