Konjufca says that despite 100 percent tariff drop, Kosovo will not apply at all for the Interpol membership

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During the Government’s meeting today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Glauk Konjufca, has requested from the Government to consider the possibility of not applying at all for the membership at Interpol.

Konjufca said that, according to the internal analysis Kosovo has not changed its position in terms of support.

“It’s a pressing issue. It’s an active subject for Kosovo’s application to Interpol, which will be activated quite soon. According to the internal analysis of the Ministry I represent the situation doesn’t look so optimistic compared to the previous years. Frankly speaking, Kosovo has not changed its position in terms of support, if compared to the past two years. So we will make a decision according to the analysis and all parameters, suggesting that Kosovo would have the same result if applied this year as well,” he clarified.

According to Konjufca, the membership proposal would be appropriate to make next year.

“It is proposed that there will be a meeting next year, which is much more convenient for us, because the place where it will be held is Turkey, where we might have a bigger deal. We’ve inherited this situation, as we already failed on voting for Kosovo’s membership in Interpol. It seems to me that this issue will be resolved on March 1 or 2, and until then we have to inform relevant institutions that Kosovo will not apply this year. This is, according to our sources, suggestion made by our friends.

I therefore propose to consider this, and come up with a decision, since it is important not to fail this time, as failures are not good for the Republic,” Minister said.

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