KFOR: Action in the northern Kosovo aimed crime reduction

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“Kosovo Police is responsible for its actions when it comes to law enforcement, and I clearly said for Serbian TV Prva that everyone was informed, which means that this information was discovered in advance, but not by KFOR,” Vincenzo Grasso, the KFOR Spokesman says today in an interview for the Belgrade daily Danas.

Grasso clarified that KFOR cannot gave specific information on behalf of any other third party, while also specified that there was no reason to react toward Kosovo police action, which was intentionally committed to reduce the crime; an action that goes in favor of everyone .

‘This operation was carried out in different municipalities of Kosovo, and not just in its northern part, and it resulted in the arrest of several policemen and civilians of different nationalities. Therefore, there was no interethnic confrontation whatsoever,” Grasso says.

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