Hoti raises alarm: It’s about time for bringing Serbia to the table with us News

In a post on Facebook, Kosovo’s Deputy Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti, wrote that the dialogue resume with Serbia is ‘a necessity for Kosovo.’

Yet, while alluding thus on the tariff and possible reciprocity, Hoti pointed out that “the self-imposed barriers which are excluding us from this process will not help us.” In this context, he stressed that “time for becoming part of country’s defense and sovereignty is running out.”

“We have a challenging process ahead of us, for achieving a Peace Agreement with Serbia, which in turn will have mutual recognition, as Secretary Pompeo stated in his latest letter to the Government of Kosovo.

Dealing with this process is our necessity, as well as request from our friends that supported us for 30 years, starting from the Christmas threats and until the NATO bombing and the declaration of independence.

This agreement can be reached only through a dynamic dialogue process led by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

We, as a Government with full citizens’ legitimacy, will be part of the (good) solution for our state.

The self-imposed obstacles which will exclude us from this process will not help us – on the contrary.

We’re on time limits to be part of defense and promotion of our country’s sovereignty,” Hoti wrote.

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