Pallaska’s harsh reaction – after being verbally attacked by VV, he calls them fascists News

The well-known Kosovo analyst and lawyer, Dastid Pallaska, reacted through a post on Facebook against verbal attacks of Vetevendosje activists and supporters toward him.

He didn’t spare harsh words, after being attacked by them on social media.

“The rotter is surfacing after the flood.

Last night appeared to be a “flood” in the ruling party’s “virtual black-shirts directory.”

This explains the uncontrolled emptying and distribution of “the garbage” on social networks until late last night and today.

They seem to have thought that – after discrediting the PAN – they had “liberated” Kosovo from the opposition as well.

How wrong they are!

They have not yet enjoyed the real battle with the free people of this country.

I don’t argue with the blind militants, not just because I don’t respect them. It’s needless to argue with someone who doesn’t think with his head.

If the black-shirts want a debate, I invite them to ask their political bosses to respond to my invitations for debate.

I’m here and I will remain here, even if I remain all alone.

Truth is not subject to vote!” Pallaska wrote on his Facebook.

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